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I'm currently available for family and commercial commissions, and exciting projects of all types. 
Please email me to inquire about rates and availability, 

or to chat more.

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the lowdown

In one sentence?It's my job to see the things you feel.

I'm a photographer who finds meaning and hope in documenting family life; both mine and others. 

I believe in bearing witness to Motherhood, and the role of the Mother is a central theme in my work. 

I passionately capture the physicality of family life - honing in on the interactions that take place between us everyday. The glances, the touches, the 'myriad petty, unsexy ways' we show up for each other, as David Foster Wallace would say. 

My work is tender and intimate, slightly soft around the edges. Infused with sincerity, tenderness and truth, I want my clients to come away with a sense of recognition, of being seen.  Images that provoke a psychical remembering of how these days feel is the ultimate goal. 

I'm old enough to have been taught on film, young enough to be obsessed with Instagram..

Based in Brighton UK, working everywhere.

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I studied photography for 4 years in formal education, and have been creating and playing with the medium for 20 years in total. 

In the intervening years I also had a great adventure making television at the BBC, where I stayed for 7 years and learnt a plethora of skills around storytelling. 

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