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I'm currently available for family and commercial commissions, and exciting projects of all types. 
Please email me to inquire about rates and availability, 

or to chat more.

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the lowdown

Laura is an Interdisciplinary artist, bearing witness to the world and making art from it.

My main medium is photography, using both film (35mm and 120) and digital cameras.

Through photography, I work with private clients and organisations to tell their stories. I have a passion for both portrait images (with a particular interest in the role of the Mother) and Art & Culture. Over 12 years of business I've come to specialise in these two domains, working with a variety of people and places. 

Regular commercial clients include Royal Opera House, Royal Society of Arts and Glyndebourne.

In the past few years my practice has expanded to work extensively with writing and collage. The fusion of my images and found word poetry has opened up a new space where I can be in dialogue with myself and the world.

I'm old enough to have been taught on film, young enough to be obsessed with Instagram.

Based in Brighton UK, working everywhere.

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I studied photography for 4 years in formal education, and have been creating and playing with the medium for 20 years. 

In the intervening time I also had a great adventure making television at the BBC, where I stayed for 7 years and learnt a plethora of skills around storytelling. 

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