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Is it love? Yes.

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Is it love? Yes.

This is a small, open print run of the first design of the Found Word Photo Collage collection. 

Small, accessible pieces of art which serve as a reminder - it's good to be alive! Most of the time!

Original photographs are shot on 35mm film and printed, with found words arranged and collaged over the top. The final artwork is then uploaded and printed a final time. This gives a lo-fi, rough and ready look which is the perfect contrast to the time-intensive making process. 

These art prints are the culmination of time, technique and a need to play! They look equally beautiful stuck up with tape, framed on a wall or glued inside your favourite notebook.

Print Details:

  • Size: 7×5"
  • Border size: Full Frame
  • Print surface: Fuji Fine Art Museum Rough 300GSM
  • Unframed

Please note: prints will be shipped within 2 weeks of purchase.