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These layers of love

and time

and place

and meaning

which culminate in this moment.

They are everything.

history books

The thing is; I am never just coming to take photographs of your kids.

Yes, your kids are adorable and joyous and hold centre stage in your life right now - but you are the one/s running the You are there, everyday, performing the same acts of love over and over. 

I come to put that evidence in your history books.

As adults we have such vulnerabilities when it comes to being seen; afraid of being in front of a camera and letting things unfold.

I know how this feels. The discomfort of standing in the light when all we really want to do is watch admiringly as our small people shine like little beacons.

As women it’s especially hard. It can feel that we need to be or look or act a certain way. Perform the idea of Motherhood we carry around with us, that we saw once in a movie or read about in a book.

But please know this: I don’t want or need you to be anything but who you are right now.

Because that is everything.

And your history books need the evidence.