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I’ve been think a lot about medium recently.

medium | noun: the intervening substance through which sensory impressions are conveyed or physical forces are transmitted.

There are absolutely those times when tools are just the things needed to get the idea out and down on paper and whatever you have to hand is fine.

And sometimes it’s all about the exact shade, the precise thing needed before you can feel that you can make any progress at all.

But ideally, I think, it’s the balance. The dance between the medium you use to create, which brings around some kind of energy, that enhances and reflects the feeling in the work you intend to make.

The medium of film is an extension of how I see and feel the world right now. It’s tender. It can be tricky and unpredictable and it’s texture is far from perfected pixels but oh so beautiful in it’s imperfection. It’s enough to make my breath catch at times. It’s that knotty-ness, that depth, the raw and beautiful imperfection. It reflects exactly what I love about people and relationship and the time we’re existing in.

I’m making space for the medium to become a sacred part of the creation, because what’s the point in making art if you don’t feel it deep in your bones? All my sessions going forward will include images made on film. Extending a medium I love and find meaningful in to the art I create for you is a gift I can’t wait to share.

All images on film.