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Jo & Beau (family session at home)

In 45 minutes, with 3 rolls of film at the end of the day.

There are sacred spaces in our every day, we just have to remember to feel them.

Sometimes life tries valiantly to drown them out.

But it’s our work here to stop fighting the tides and instead swim our way to the beauty in the depths.

I think it’s my *personal* work to swim alongside you, to pay attention, and give back what I witness in the form of images that become part of a family history.

And the truth is, it takes a special kind of person who can show up like this. Who can dance with you in a way that crackles with the feeling of honesty and leave space for what might come, and trust that you will see it if it does.

I long to make work like this for humans like that. I have spaces all summer and I’m currently offering a discount on longer family sessions. Drop me an email so we can capture your own kind of magic.