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Morning Pages Support Group

After writing morning pages for the past three years, and talking about it for almost as long, I’ve created a group and support system for those who want to embark on this incredibly meaningful process. Building a daily morning pages practice helps us enter in to a conversation with ourselves, create a safe space to play with ideas and reflect on how we see and feel about the world. It also priorotizes something that is just for you - sounds good right?!

in order to create art that is meaningful,

we need to look at what we find meaningful.

Morning Pages is a way to do that. 

Starting and sticking to a creative practice of any kind can be tricky! And what makes tricky things easier? People who get it. 
Using the close friends feature on Instagram and a private facebook group, on Monday - Friday every week I will;

  • support you with daily accountability prompts 
  • answer any questions you have about process/practicalities
  • encourage you to reflect on your practice in new ways
  • share art based and written prompts monthly which you can use to enhance your pages

You’ll also be part of a community of people who are also turning the morning pages into a ritual, and let me tell you, they’re the best! We support and encourage each other.

You can join the group via Patreon. Any questions, come see me on IG!